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Top Reasons why Indy 500 Broadcast Needs Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is returning to the racing world, although not as a racer. She will join the broadcast booth for the NBC Sports to contribute at the 103rd Indianapolis 500 in May. The iconic athlete will return as the analyst along with the host Mike Tirico for the event. She will also work as an analyst during the pre-race, and post-race coverage. If you are the big fans of her, you will see her more often on your screen. Here are top reasons why she is the best fit for Indy 500 broadcast team.

The broadcast will be more entertaining. Everybody know about Danica Patrick’s fantastic personality. She is funny and humorous. She often makes a lot of jokes that will make her fans laugh out loud, although some of them are sarcastic jokes. Although you might not have seen these traits at the track, you will see her different sides a lot when she appears as an analyst. And it will worth every second you spend watching her. She will be on air for hours during the race day. If you are a real fan of her, you will be excited to see her show.

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Indy 500 is her niche. Without a doubt, Danica Patrick is very good at this. She competed in seven full-time seasons of Indy event from ‘05 to ‘11. It is such an achievement. Indeed, Danica can offer her professional analysis and points of view based on what she has experienced behind the wheel.

She has little experience in broadcasting. Two years ago, Danica joined FOX Sport’s drivers-only race broadcast team. She co-hosted the coverage from a mobile studio. Although her role is minor, she got ample experience from the broadcasting niche. She stated that she would be more than ready for the Indy 500 broadcast team.

Patrick has passions on Indianapolis Motor Speedway. She stated it herself back then when announcing from NBC Sports. “The Indy 500 holds an extraordinary place in my heart.”

She is a great influencer. We can’t deny that she is one of the biggest stars in the racing world. Most of the racing fans know Danica Patrick name. Although her last full-time season was in 2017 NASCAR, she is still a big name in the community.

She has ample 14 years of professional experience and has made excellent contributions in both Indycar and NASCAR. Mass media’s and networks have always mentioned her name in most major racing events. By adding her to the broadcast team, it will boast more audiences for the show.