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PGA 2019 News: TV and Live Streaming Networks

One of the world’s greatest golf event, PGA 2019 championship is less than two months remaining. Bethpage Park would host the tournament and attract thousands of golf die-hard to the venue as well as million others from around the world through networks. For those who choose to stay at home and enjoy PGA sessions, this would be great news for you.

TV Broadcast

Two major PGA’s official tv networks are CBS and ESPN which have an 11-year agreement with the franchise for full TV and digital coverage. They have won OTT rights for PGA championship live coverage until 2020. So, if you want to watch PGA 2019 from your TV, you should ensure to have one or both channels before the days.

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Live Streaming

It’s been confirmed that ESPN, ESPN+, and CBS also get the rights more comprehensive coverage including TV broadcast, TV cable, and various digital platforms. While PGA.com would provide the live streaming from Bethpage Park through their sites, those networks broaden the live coverage through their digital platforms. You can either enjoy PGA 2019 through your browser or mobile app.

The Schedule and Promotion

At this point, there are several ways to watch PGA Championship. First of all, you’ll need to be connected with either ESPN, CBS Sports or PGA of America network to get the access to the live coverage. It should be noted the networks share the schedule for live coverage so you need to check schedule and stay tuned on their promotional events.

CBS Sports

CBS will broadcast the third and finals of Saturday and Sunday events. It also gets the exclusive rights to distribute the live coverage through its digital networks including on-site CBS Sports Network, CBS All Access, CBSSports.com, mobile apps, and official social media page/platforms. CBS would lead the PGA 2019 broadcasting production during the event but share the rights with ESPN.


Both ESPN & ESPN+ share comprehensive air coverage through their networks. While CBS broadcast the third and final rounds later, you can get hours of morning coverage on ESPN and ESPN+. Featured group and featured hole are also covered by ESPN+. They also cover the practice seasons, interviews, conference, and post-round highlight scenes on multiple platforms including ESPN.com, ESPN signature news, SportsCenter program, and ESPN app.

Don’t miss any sessions of PGA 2019, stay tuned for more comprehensive updates on TV and live streaming schedule.

USGA Holds A Sectional in Canada for the First Time

Contrary to popular belief, now US Open Sectional Sites will include the first Canadian qualifier. Back in Monday, USGA announced the new lineup of the sectional qualifying sites for the upcoming US Open event. It is crucial to spot in the enthusiast’s agenda because the USGA will hold the qualification in Canada for the first time.

Back then, officials usually held the qualifier in Memphis Area in early June. It was because there were many PGA Tour pros in the town. But because the event is WGC and moves to late July, the officials won’t uphold the Memphis sectional. Based on rational thinking, the regional will move to the north of the border. It will happen ahead of the RBC Canadian Open. So, folks in Canada will have the chance to witness the qualifier in their country.

The officials have determined the place of RattleSnake Point Golf Club in Milton, Ontario. It is going to take place on June 3 as the official Canadian sectional. In the same day, there will be England qualifier as well as other eight qualifiers across the US. For those who want to follow the qualifier, it is important to note that the regional round will kick off May 20 with a Dallas qualifier. Then there will be Japan sectional on May 27.

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The US Open is prevalent for a player with different levels. It is open to any professional or amateur with a handicap of 1.4 or lower. They are all eligible to enter the qualifying of the US Open. The local qualifiers will focus on the 18-home games. Then the officials will advance to the 36-hole sectional round. Each regional round will procure the top finishers. Those who made it to each section will have the ticket to the US Open which takes places on June 13-16 at Pebble Beach.

It is crucial to look at the full lineup of the sectional qualifying sites to find out if there is an event near your location. Consider visiting US Open official site to fetch the accurate information.

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Speaking of the sectional qualifying of US Open, the USGA has announced the sites. The USGA announced 12 locations for the regional qualifying.

The sectional qualifying focuses on the 36-hole events. The officials will conduct the eligibility at nine US locations, others in Japan, England, and Canada. The good fact is that it will be the first time that local qualifying happens in Canada.