PGA 2019 News: TV and Live Streaming Networks

One of the world’s greatest golf event, PGA 2019 championship is less than two months remaining. Bethpage Park would host the tournament and attract thousands of golf die-hard to the venue as well as million others from around the world through networks. For those who choose to stay at home and enjoy PGA sessions, this would be great news for you.

TV Broadcast

Two major PGA’s official tv networks are CBS and ESPN which have an 11-year agreement with the franchise for full TV and digital coverage. They have won OTT rights for PGA championship live coverage until 2020. So, if you want to watch PGA 2019 from your TV, you should ensure to have one or both channels before the days.

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Live Streaming

It’s been confirmed that ESPN, ESPN+, and CBS also get the rights more comprehensive coverage including TV broadcast, TV cable, and various digital platforms. While would provide the live streaming from Bethpage Park through their sites, those networks broaden the live coverage through their digital platforms. You can either enjoy PGA 2019 through your browser or mobile app.

The Schedule and Promotion

At this point, there are several ways to watch PGA Championship. First of all, you’ll need to be connected with either ESPN, CBS Sports or PGA of America network to get the access to the live coverage. It should be noted the networks share the schedule for live coverage so you need to check schedule and stay tuned on their promotional events.

CBS Sports

CBS will broadcast the third and finals of Saturday and Sunday events. It also gets the exclusive rights to distribute the live coverage through its digital networks including on-site CBS Sports Network, CBS All Access,, mobile apps, and official social media page/platforms. CBS would lead the PGA 2019 broadcasting production during the event but share the rights with ESPN.


Both ESPN & ESPN+ share comprehensive air coverage through their networks. While CBS broadcast the third and final rounds later, you can get hours of morning coverage on ESPN and ESPN+. Featured group and featured hole are also covered by ESPN+. They also cover the practice seasons, interviews, conference, and post-round highlight scenes on multiple platforms including, ESPN signature news, SportsCenter program, and ESPN app.

Don’t miss any sessions of PGA 2019, stay tuned for more comprehensive updates on TV and live streaming schedule.

Great Venue for Great Occasion in RWC 2019!

The upcoming Rugby World Cup 2019 will be the first to be held in Asia. Also, this is the first time the Rugby World Cup has been held outside the sports convention center. In the past, Hong Kong and Singapore showed their interest in hosting the Rugby match. However, Japan finally won the offer and held the right to host the game. The upcoming RWC first and opening events will be held at the Tokyo Stadium in Chofu.

Meanwhile, the final match will take place at the Yokohama International Stadium in Kanagawa. The country that already has various international rugby stadiums immediately fixes itself to prepare its stadium facilities. The enthusiasm of Japan is also shown by the statement that Japan will build a national stadium since 2015, but unfortunately, this stadium requires processing time to complete and is ready for use after 2019. Although unused for the 2019 World Cup Rugby competition, this stadium is directly projected to host various matches sports at the Summer Games or the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

To welcome this international rugby sporting event, Japan uses 12 rugby stadiums spread across major cities in Japan. The spectacular venues are:

  • Tokyo Stadium
  • Yokohama International Stadium
  • Shizuoka Ecopa Stadium
  • Hanazono Rugby Stadium
  • Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
  • City of Toyota Stadium
  • Sapporo Dome
  • Oita Stadium
  • Kumamoto Stadium
  • Kobe Misaki Stadium
  • Kumagaya Stadium
  • Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
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Furthermore, to welcoming the 2019 Rugby World Cup which will be held in Japan, Mobility Networks Group will supply the electric wheelchair ramp for the Hato Bus Company. Hato Bus Company become a bus choice on the world mat. Mobility Networks Group is a multinational specialist in vehicle accessibility products. Back to the electric wheelchair, the automatic ramp on the bus will be used to support accessibility for passengers with wheelchairs. The electric wheelchair ramp bus can accommodate the tourists and at the same time can be used to help the crew when lifting heavy luggage.

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This automatic ramp model is a collaboration between technicians at Passenger Lift Service or PLS and their colleagues at Vanhool and Hato Bus. Vanhool will install this automatic ramp with Hato’s second-tier bus in the second quarter of 2019. It is known that the 2019 Rugby World Cup will start on September 20, 2019, until November 2, 2019, in 12 public places in Japan. It has been imagined that surely the thrill of seeing live Rugby matches at this magnificent stadium in Japan. All the excitement is waiting for you!

Top Reasons why Indy 500 Broadcast Needs Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is returning to the racing world, although not as a racer. She will join the broadcast booth for the NBC Sports to contribute at the 103rd Indianapolis 500 in May. The iconic athlete will return as the analyst along with the host Mike Tirico for the event. She will also work as an analyst during the pre-race, and post-race coverage. If you are the big fans of her, you will see her more often on your screen. Here are top reasons why she is the best fit for Indy 500 broadcast team.

The broadcast will be more entertaining. Everybody know about Danica Patrick’s fantastic personality. She is funny and humorous. She often makes a lot of jokes that will make her fans laugh out loud, although some of them are sarcastic jokes. Although you might not have seen these traits at the track, you will see her different sides a lot when she appears as an analyst. And it will worth every second you spend watching her. She will be on air for hours during the race day. If you are a real fan of her, you will be excited to see her show.

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Indy 500 is her niche. Without a doubt, Danica Patrick is very good at this. She competed in seven full-time seasons of Indy event from ‘05 to ‘11. It is such an achievement. Indeed, Danica can offer her professional analysis and points of view based on what she has experienced behind the wheel.

She has little experience in broadcasting. Two years ago, Danica joined FOX Sport’s drivers-only race broadcast team. She co-hosted the coverage from a mobile studio. Although her role is minor, she got ample experience from the broadcasting niche. She stated that she would be more than ready for the Indy 500 broadcast team.

Patrick has passions on Indianapolis Motor Speedway. She stated it herself back then when announcing from NBC Sports. “The Indy 500 holds an extraordinary place in my heart.”

She is a great influencer. We can’t deny that she is one of the biggest stars in the racing world. Most of the racing fans know Danica Patrick name. Although her last full-time season was in 2017 NASCAR, she is still a big name in the community.

She has ample 14 years of professional experience and has made excellent contributions in both Indycar and NASCAR. Mass media’s and networks have always mentioned her name in most major racing events. By adding her to the broadcast team, it will boast more audiences for the show.

When is Canelo vs. Jacobs fight: Date, time, price, live stream info

Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez and US boxer Daniel Jacobs met for the first time, February 27, 2019, ahead of their fight in Las Vegas on May 4. Both boxers will be looking for the real middle-class world champions in the world boxing body IBF, WBC and WBA on May 4 at the T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas. Jacobs, who was a survivor of bone cancer in 2012, admitted the fight this time would be a proof of him, while Canelo believes this time will return to victory. Canelo himself will return to the middle class. He is having gone up to the super middle class when he won the WBA version of the world-class title by destroying Rocky Fielding in the third round last December, briefly.

canelo vs jacobs live

The game takes place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, May 4, 2019. The Arena is a kind of home for Canelo and will be even more so considering the fight takes place on the weekend of Cinco de Mayo. Because it is held in Vegas, the Ring Walk is estimated to start between 4.30 am, or even 5 am. This exciting match will be broadcast on the DAZN television channel and for the UK area will be televised on Sky Sports. Fans can already buy the ticket, but the remaining ones are available at a higher price. For this match ticket, viewers can buy it for a minimum amount of $ 305.

In the press conference, at Hard Rock Cafe, New York, Canelo said, “I always like challenges, not least at this time. Daniel Jacobs is identical with his abilities, qualities, and talents. He can move quickly in the ring. So, we will prepare ourselves the best and give the best for boxing fans. We will come out as winners of this fight. ” Canelo admitted that he was preparing for a fierce battle. If he wins faces Jacobs, Canelo will qualify for a third fight against his arch-rivals in the middle class, Gennady Golovkin.

USGA Holds A Sectional in Canada for the First Time

Contrary to popular belief, now US Open Sectional Sites will include the first Canadian qualifier. Back in Monday, USGA announced the new lineup of the sectional qualifying sites for the upcoming US Open event. It is crucial to spot in the enthusiast’s agenda because the USGA will hold the qualification in Canada for the first time.

Back then, officials usually held the qualifier in Memphis Area in early June. It was because there were many PGA Tour pros in the town. But because the event is WGC and moves to late July, the officials won’t uphold the Memphis sectional. Based on rational thinking, the regional will move to the north of the border. It will happen ahead of the RBC Canadian Open. So, folks in Canada will have the chance to witness the qualifier in their country.

The officials have determined the place of RattleSnake Point Golf Club in Milton, Ontario. It is going to take place on June 3 as the official Canadian sectional. In the same day, there will be England qualifier as well as other eight qualifiers across the US. For those who want to follow the qualifier, it is important to note that the regional round will kick off May 20 with a Dallas qualifier. Then there will be Japan sectional on May 27.

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The US Open is prevalent for a player with different levels. It is open to any professional or amateur with a handicap of 1.4 or lower. They are all eligible to enter the qualifying of the US Open. The local qualifiers will focus on the 18-home games. Then the officials will advance to the 36-hole sectional round. Each regional round will procure the top finishers. Those who made it to each section will have the ticket to the US Open which takes places on June 13-16 at Pebble Beach.

It is crucial to look at the full lineup of the sectional qualifying sites to find out if there is an event near your location. Consider visiting US Open official site to fetch the accurate information.

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Speaking of the sectional qualifying of US Open, the USGA has announced the sites. The USGA announced 12 locations for the regional qualifying.

The sectional qualifying focuses on the 36-hole events. The officials will conduct the eligibility at nine US locations, others in Japan, England, and Canada. The good fact is that it will be the first time that local qualifying happens in Canada.

Miller Claims that He’s More Intelligent than Joshua

The hype is high. But the atmosphere can get hotter because of the recent comments from Jarrell Miller. It is still three months away from that we’d watch Joshua vs Miller bout at New York’s Madison Square Garden on June 1. But it has never been too early to discuss what’s going on the road.

Image Source: Sky Sports

Miller said that the world champion Anthony Joshua has an “image problem.” Both fighters are preparing for the upcoming bout at Madison Square Garden on June 1. Joshua will defend his IBF< IBO, WBA and WBO titles against Miller.

Miller told the media that Joshua was not coming from the area known for being tough. With this statement, it may bring a real outrage to Joshua’s side. But we didn’t see any response from the respective boxer yet. Miller added that Joshua was talking himself up, but people wanted something real.

Some folks can understand why Miller stated that statement. The point is that Miller grew up in “roughly broken home.” and he said that he trained to be a great fighter to defend himself after being attacked in the street. We can say that the rough environment is what shaped Miller to be an excellent fighter nowadays. Joshua was raised in Hertfordshire. But he lived on Watford Meriden estate, one of the saddest areas.

Miller has also suggested that Joshua has taken privileges to his success. Miller claimed that the state of his hands was not coming from boxing, but from street fighting.

Well, no matter the different backgrounds from both fighters, we can’t neglect the fact that both are incredible fighters. Both fighters are unbeaten.

Miller will be likely to be Joshua’s most massive opponent for the last contest. He also stated that “I’m more intelligent than AJ, but sometimes I come across as arrogant because I’m a warrior.”

What Miller said, although sounds irritating, has a more significant part of the truth. At the fight, there is no such thing as being humble. Being humble will only lead to defeat and oppression.

Miller seems to want to prove that he deserves the titles. Back then on March 3rd, he also stated that he could take down Joshua in the 7th round. He set the mindset to take down the heavy hitter at the round seven. It is understandable since no one wants to ruin their excellent record. He expects the TKO when taking on Joshua who is holding the WBA, WBO, IBO, and IBF title.